Silent Echoes


Sound Installation
Text to Speech

Microsoft Azure AI

Headphones, Broken mirror pieces, Red strings

Silent Echoes is an immersive sound installation comprised of 500 AI-generated audios, positive or negative, sourced from interviews about the most emotionally stirring thing ever heard.

Each sentence is created by a distinct voice with specific gender, age and accent characteristics, customized in tone, mood and style. Curated in a random order, the arrangement challenges audiences’ auditory expectations, encouraging them to explore their immediate emotional responses. Through strategically placed mirror pieces, viewers will gaze their own fragmented reflections, and experience how external voices tear apart their identity, self-image and self-perception.

In a speculative vision of the future, AI-generated voices, despite their artificial origins, possess the remarkable potential to evoke emotions similar to those evoked by human voices. This suggests a future where the fundamental human need for social interaction and emotional connection may be increasingly met by AI companions, customized to cater to individual needs and desires. As we navigate this evolving relationship with technology, the boundaries between humanity and artificial intelligence may blur, potentially giving rise to a digital identity shaped by AI interactions, challenging and reshaping our perception of what it means to be human.

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