La Maschera del Tempo


Art Direction
Research & Development
Machine  Learning

Disco Diffusion

La Maschera del Tempo, is an audiovisual artwork by artist Mattia Casalegno which was created for Giorgio Cini Foundation and showcased at the Venice Biennale, 2022.

The artwork is based on a combination of archival research at the Institute of Theatre and Opera and is co-produced by ArchiVe - Center for Analysis and Recording of Cultural Heritage in Venice and Factum Arte.

Having contributed as a Digital Artist, my role encompassed guiding the art direction of AI-generated visuals that form the very essence of the cinematic experience. Hours of dedicated research and development were invested, coupled with rigorous testing, all aimed at realizing the precise aesthetic and emotional resonance envisioned.

Collaborative Project

Final Visual Outcome

Visual Tests using Disco Diffusion

Collaborated with the visual team to create concept sketches using Midjourney for various scenes

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